This is how we do it

How we see the forest from the trees

In today’s fragmented world of content on demand, traditional production models cannot sustain the amount of content that needs to be created, at the speed it needs to be distributed, in a cost-effective way.  One Tree Forest provides a solution outside of this model that allows us to deliver quality content while reducing the redundancies in the system that drive up costs. 

We design our workflow around the story rather than forcing the story into our workflow.  With story in mind, our tight-knit crews are able to adapt to the environment around them allowing the flexibility to be spontaneous. In sacrificing total control, we’ve discovered a style that feels authentic yet beautiful. The alternative is often a heavy-handed production process that slows things down, feels artificial, and ends up missing the best shots.

This doesn’t mean that we don’t love cool tech and beautiful imagery as much as the next camera geek. We just think it should work for the story we are trying to tell rather than our demo reel.
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