Cordless Worm drive

The OTF team was brought on to produce a product video introducing the first ever Cordless Worm Drive Saw, Skilsaw’s biggest innovation in years.  So we packed our bags and headed to a real job site to demonstrate the portability of the saw across a number of locations while also speaking to the saw’s benefits.

Worm Drive Miter saw

Skilsaw’s products are the only ones on the market with a worm drive motor.  In order to generate awareness for the launch of their new miter saw, the first ever miter saw with worm drive technology, Skilsaw asked One Tree Forest to create a product video that was different from their typical feature-focused product videos.  

Miter Saw Gloss Video

In this video we utilized the details captured in photography to compose a stop motion short for the Skilsaw Miter Saw. Using this collection of photography to demonstrate all the positions and configurations available on the new Worm Drive Miter Saw. We also used full-frame, extra large typography to drive home the message of this video. The music was produced in-house to fit the unique pacing of this project.

Carpentry Chain Saw

Following the success of the Miter Saw project, Skilsaw asked us to produce an additional walk-around video of their new, unreleased Worm Drive Carpentry Chainsaw. For this piece, we showcased the saw cutting through huge beams of lumber to demonstrate not only its power, but cutting capacity and precision. 

Both projects were shot on location in the greater Chicago area and were produced, directed and edited by One Tree Forest Films.