Women in Sports ‘Face’ Harassment

Watch REAL guys read REAL comments made about sports reporters Sarah Spain and Julie DiCaro – to their face. These fans learn some tweets are #MoreThanMean – they’re harassment. Share this w/ hashtag #MoreThanMean to increase awareness about harassment of women in sports.

This video, while we knew it might be something powerful, went far beyond what we would have ever hoped. The day we launched the video, we were actually working on set for another gig, and only being able to check our phones every couple hours, the number of views jumped from hundreds to thousands to hundreds of thousands in a matter of hours. It caught fire immediately. And simply because the conversation needed to happen. We like to say that all we did was light a match – the fuel was there – and boy did it take fire. Winner of multiple awards including a 2016 Peabody Award.

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