Tommy Gillerand: Football is Family

Gatorade Presents

The Gatorade Coaching Excellence Award was established in 2016 to honor the best and most dedicated high school coaches across the country. Every athlete, professional, or amateur has had a coach inspire them along the way, and it’s Gatorade’s aim to celebrate the truly remarkable impact that coaches have on high school athletes. Each year, Gatorade honors two coaches who have made a particularly impressive positive impact on the lives of their student-athletes and whose commitment to the coaching profession goes far beyond the game.

This year we had the privilege of meeting Tommy Gillerand, Lake Hamilton High School’s head football coach. While Tommy may not be bringing home state championships every year he has proven to be a much more valuable influence on the kids he coaches; moving beyond the field as a mentor, teacher, and sometimes even a parent. He gives kids hope to be the best they can be in life, whatever that is, but most importantly just to be a good person. It was an honor for us to create this video for such an inspiring human.

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