At the Intersection of Analog & Digital

Reimagining Classic Audio Equipment

Meet an audio engineer who is using today’s digital technology to redesign and improve upon the classic analog designs of yesteryear. See inside his process and learn why he believes that even in today’s high-tech world, a technology that was once dormant for several decades, should still be considered relevant. In a world where the new constantly reinvents the old, surely there must be something lost in the translation. Or perhaps that is simply nostalgia taking hold. After all, there are numerous examples of software emulating the problems that old analog systems had. So perhaps a marriage of the two is inevitable – at least, while there are still those around that appreciate the classics.

A One Tree Forest passion project, this is the first installment in a series exploring the continually evolving relationship between digital and analog technologies, with each episode focusing on a different person as a lens through which to view that relationship from all different perspectives and industries.